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A professional group of petroleum refining reaction tower catalyst replacement work

Softard Industries co., ltd.

We have developed a catalyst replacement technology (many related patents), which has solved the conventional dangerous work at once. And made it possible to reduce costs by using robots for on-site work. These technologies have many achievements not only in Japan but also overseas, and are highly evaluated.

Company profile
Head office 169-0075
Tajima Bldg., 7th Fl., 2-1-2 Takadanobaba
Shinjuku-ku Tokyo Japan
Date of establishment
Capital stock 40 million yen
President Katsuhiko Kawakami
Bank MUFG Bank, Ltd Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation 
The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd. Hyakujushi Bank, Ltd.
Main business contents
  • Industrial plant engineering, construction and maintenance
  • Industrial robot, automation engineering fabrication and sales
  • Technology development and Consultancy
  • Titanium equipment engineering and fabrication and sales
  • Catalyst changeout under, atmospheric and/or inert entry trouble shoot and modification for reactor
  • Industrial plant estimated life analysis
  • International treading for technology and goods
  • Crude oil tank cleaning
  • Dense loader SPM(Sustainable Pneumatic Mechanical)Dense Loader

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